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The wonderful thing about picture books is that they create a world of imagination that has no boundaries. Brontorina is one of those books that is so creative and ridiculous in content that children aged 3-5 will like it immediately.

BrontorinaI mean, a dinosaur who longs to be a ballerina. What nonsense!

Created by author James Howe (Rabbit-CadabraHot Fudge and Bunnicula) and illustrator Randy Cecil (Lovabye DragonHorsefly & Honeybee and How Do You Wokka-Wokka?), Brontorina is about a big dinosaur with an even bigger dream.

She longs to be a graceful, elegant ballerina but she’s far too large for a tutu and where would she find shoes to fit? She has to convince Madame Lucille of Madame Lucille’s Dance Academy for Girls and Boys that although she might not look like a ballerina, she is a true ballet dancer in her heart.

She wows Madame Lucille with her pliés and relevés but she is still far too big for the dance academy and no male could ever lift her given that she weighs more than the dance academy itself!

Poor Brontorina. Just as she’s about to give up hope, a fellow dancer has a surprise in store for her that gives her the confidence to keep believing in her dream. Together, the entire dance academy search for a new studio so that Brontorina can be a ballerina in her feet as well as her heart. A cute tale about dreaming big and the power of friendship.

  • Author: James Howe
  • Illustrator: Randy Cecil
  • ISBN: 9780763644376
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press

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Co-founder of Gobblefunked, Linda Crosbie is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and works in educational publishing. An ex-children's bookseller, Linda is a self-proclaimed book nerd and loves Roald Dahl, Oliver Jeffers and Patrick Ness to name but a few.


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