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Caramel Hearts


Put on the kettle, find a comfortable chair and help us tuck into Caramel Hearts, the delicious new book by E.R. Murray. 

Caramel HeartsCaramel Hearts, E.R. Murray’s second book is a realistic contemporary YA novel, ideal for readers aged 13+. The protagonist Liv Bloom is a 14-year-old girl living a rather chaotic life since her mother went in to a recovery centre for alcoholism and her older sister is struggling to cope with keeping the household going.

Liv has a lot to deal with and as a way of coping she begins to use a book of recipes that belonged to her mum. While her first attempts at baking are less than successful, Liv soon gets the hang of it and begins to enjoy making people happy with the cakes and biscuits she makes. The story is structured around real recipes and they are mouth-watering.

However, Liv doesn’t always make the best choices and when she takes something she shouldn’t have, she is forced to take drastic action. Complicating Liv’s story are her best friend Sarah, a boy called Jack, a relentless school bully and a kind dinner lady, that’s on top of a near constant conflict with her sister and having to put up with a mum who thinks everything wrong in her life is Liv’s fault.

Despite dealing with some dark issues Caramel Hearts is in fact a very positive and life affirming novel with a wonderful food positive message and is a fantastic portrait of love between friends and sisters.

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5 stars

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Will appeal to readers who enjoy: budding bakers and fans of great stories

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