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Cowboy Pug: The Dog Who Rode for Glory


Whether it’s Lassie, Wishbone or the Paw Patrol gang, we love it when dogs take centre stage, and in aptly named Cowboy Pug, a new furry hero emerges. Let’s see what Mia Montagliani made of this pooch’s adventures. 

Cowboy PugCowboy Pug: The Dog Who Rode for Glory is a delightful story about a pug unwittingly pulled into a horse-trading adventure by his ever-so-cheerful owner Lady Miranda, a young girl always looking for her next adventure.

Cowboy Pug is the second book in a playful series by the author of the popular Claude and Squishy McFluff books.

Lady Miranda’s curiosity and over-active imagination are apparent from the outset, which provide opportunities for hilarious reactions from the put-upon Cowboy Pug. I found myself chuckling over Cowboy Pug’s surprise at the random events that befall them. I imagine young readers will also find this story laugh-out-loud funny.

The illustrations by E’glantine Cuelemans complement the narrative beautifully; the simple yet bright palette conveys pure joy. The pictures are also action-orientated and cleverly apprise the reader of what is left unsaid. Apart from the occasional woof, Cowboy Pug doesn’t talk, so the reader can find amusement from his many expressions, including surprise, consternation, confusion, compassion, understanding, determination, triumph and shock.

Our leading, eh dog, Cowboy Pug is endearing, he starts off as an unwitting side-kick but is the hero by tale’s end. Cowboy Pug indeed rides for glory and wins in the show ring, but his real victory comes unexpectedly when he finally ‘takes the reigns’ and tames an unruly bull. The story’s unpredictability and motley cast of characters will make for enthusiastic young fans of the series.

Lady Miranda’s moxy makes her an ideal role-model for young girls; yet this story is clearly appealing to all readers between 6-9 years of age. The chases, mishaps, heroes, villains, animals, new friends and occasional goofiness will be met with glee.

Cowboy Pug is the reluctant hero, much to the cheeky relish of Lady Miranda, which makes for a great premise for not only this story, but for the whole series. I have not read the first of Laura James’s series, Captain Pug, but if it’s as refreshing and uplifting as this story, I’d be delighted to recommend both books.

The third instalment, Safari Pug, is due for release in November 2017 and I look forward to the next exploit of this cute and courageous pup.

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Mia Montagliani is a lawyer, marketing expert, qualified dog trainer and most importantly a devotee of children’s literature. On top of all of this she aspires to become a published picture book author.

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