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Inbetween Days


We’re back with Melbourne’s Teenfunked reviewer Kalina O’Reilly, and this week, she’s reviewing Inbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield which by all accounts sounds like a book with a very unique storyline …

Inbetween DaysMobius is a small town in the middle of nowhere. Jacklin (Jack) Bates, a 17-year-old school dropout has lived there her entire life, working in a small grocery shop that doesn’t get much business and caring for her boss’s father who has dementia.

Jack’s in love with 21-year-old Luke Cavanaugh, who doesn’t really love her but stays with her because the relationship is easy. Deep down though, Jack wants to be adored and loved and do normal relationship things, like meeting his family and going to the movies.

When Jeremiah Jolley, the weird kid that used to lick the bricks of the house returns to Mobius, and runs into Jack with his friend Roly, the three of them form an unlikely friendship.

As things between her and her sister Trudy begin to crumble, Jack discovers that another car has gone up to the infamous suicide forest, where:

 “53 people who had left their possessions in neat piles and gone into the forest, and never came out”.

Jack follows the stranger and comes across a mysterious man called Pope, who is camping alone in the macabre forest. Although Jack tries to convince him to leave, he insists he needs to stay for his own reasons.

Inbetween Days is a very interesting book, with secrets and discoveries that are uncovered throughout and it has quirky, well thought-out characters. Right from the start of the book, there is a sense of familiarity with characters like Trudy, Jack’s sister, and information about their home life and relationships is incorporated really well and the conflict between the family is convincing and relatable.

The voice and thoughts of Jack are well-written and come across as natural to a 17-year-old and the run-ins with her family and friend Astrid, demonstrate the confusion of teenage life. Throughout the book, we see Jack struggle with the problems of everyday life, her feelings and responsibilities and trying fix things with her family. She visits Pope who gives her good advice and vague insight into his life which are slowly uncovered.

Inbetween Days was a great book and was really enjoyable. It had memorable characters and a unique storyline and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA or wants to read something different!


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Kalina O'Reilly

Based in Melbourne, Kalina O'Reilly attends Eltham High School and has her sights set on a future in writing. She loves to read and enjoys reading classics, fantasy and YA as well as trying her hand at fan-fiction.

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