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Luán agus an Mórphianó


A first for Gobblefunked, this week we’ve decided to check out Irish-language picture book, Luán agus an Mórphianó by debut author Gemma Breathnach.

Luán agus an MórphianóPublished in Galway by Irish language children’s books publisher, Futa Fata, Luán agus an Mórphianó tells the story, as Gaeilge, of Luán, a very musical mouse, who lives beneath the floorboards of a concert hall.

Ever since Luán could remember he’s dreamed of being a famous musician, every day he practices and listens to the beautiful music from the concert hall above, imagining what it would be like to play for a room for a people.

When one day, a grand piano and a guest soloist named Madame Allegretto arrives at the concert hall, Luán becomes even more enamored with the thought of one day playing beautiful music like Madame Allegretto. That night Luán sneaks into the concert hall, climbs up on the piano and starts to jump from one key to the next, hearing the beautiful sounds the piano is making; the sounds he is making with his little feet. From then on, Luán practices on the piano every night, until one night, the night of Madame Allegretto’s big concert, changes everything for Luán and he discovers that his dreams may not have been so farfetched after all.

A simple story, beautifully told with words by Gemma Breathnach – and illustrated with warm soothing colours by Delphine Bodet –Luán agus an Mórphianó is the perfect place to start when trying to instill a grá for languages, and specifically Irish, in your little one. Perfect for a school going child, who may be familiar with the language  – as there are some words which might be difficult for beginners – this book will certainly encourage children to enjoy the language outside of a classroom setting, which can only be a good thing.

  • Author: Gemma Breathnach
  • Illustrator: Delphine Bodet
  • ISBN: 9781906907808
  • Publisher: Futa Fata
  • Age range: 4+

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