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Milo: A Moving Story


Expect to be surprised by this unique story. Amusing and unassuming in turns, readers will be rapt with Milo’s unpredictable journey.

Milo: A Moving StoryMilo is a dog with a jaunty cap who is satisfied making a living by delivering packages in 1940s New York. His life is comfortable, albeit rather dull, until a strange storm literally turns his sepia-toned world upside-down.

Although Milo’s life is described as ‘unremarkable’, there is plenty of novelty to interest readers. The illustrations are a treat; the quirky characters with their 1940s garb, global landmarks and random objects provide parents plenty to describe and explain to their children while enjoying this story.

Milo finds himself mired in a seemingly unfixable predicament, and, I admit, I rooted for the little guy when he softly howls in despair. Children will also warm to Milo and be invested in the outcome of his journey. Compounding his predicament is a tiff he has had with a friend, due to Milo’s own impatience and lack of tact.

The pang of regret follows him through his journey; we have all faced the quandary of how to manage our emotions during conflict. This book handles the resolution beautifully without being preachy and is a nice introduction for children to such situations.

Milo’s interaction with Carlo – a bird in sneakers – opens his eyes to the possibility of adventure. Carlo’s globe-trotting escapades and sense of fun contrast nicely with Milo’s unsophisticated outlook. Carlos’ travel flashbacks offer an amusing interlude to this nicely-paced story.

Milo: A Moving Story internal images

Children and adults alike will savour the poetry, lyrics, photos, and Easter eggs along the way. As a movie-buff, permit me to offer the spoiler for one particular egg: Milo and his friends sing a line from In the Good Old Summertime, a 1949 technicolor musical starring Judy Garland.

I loved the originality of this book and was awed by the illustrations interwoven with real images. Young readers will cherish Milo for a long time

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