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The Secret Cooking Club: Confetti & Cake


In this sequel to The Secret Cooking Club, young baker and entrepreneur Scarlett finds herself on the threshold of a new adventure.

The Secret Cooking Club: Confetti & CakeThe baking blog she created with her friends in their Secret Cooking Club has become a giant success, recruiting online members from schools far and wide.

Scarlett, as ‘the Little Cook’ who writes the blog posts, has even begun public speaking at some of the schools, meeting new friends and encouraging a new generation of girl and boy bakers.

Then Scarlett’s mother tells her the news: she and her boyfriend Em-K are getting married! Scarlett is mostly delighted, as she and Em-K get along really well, but something else is bothering her. Something to do with her Dad, and how he left things … but Scarlett can’t
think about that, because her mother has managed to get her wedding picked up by a local television show, and it looks like the Secret Cooking Club will be making the cake!

Fans of The Great British and Great Irish Bake-Offs will greatly enjoy Remington’s story, and indeed, ‘Bake Off’ is a quiet undercurrent to Scarlett’s tale. Characters quietly allude to it now and then: sometimes outright, but sometimes merely in the whimsical, friendly, homey
feel of the book. The extent to which ‘Bake Off’ impacts the book can feel a little like product-placement at times, but ultimately is no great detraction from Scarlett’s story, which deals with the relatable, believable quandary of her mother remarrying just when her father decides he wants to re-enter their lives.

Secondary characters could be a little more clearly-formed, and the casual wealth of Scarlett’s parents and social circle can be a little alienating sometimes (her father keeps purchasing Apple products and other expensive presents to win Scarlett’s affection). In the end though, The Secret Cooking Club: Confetti & Cake comes through as an enjoyable read that celebrates the power of friendship and family, the need to try to understand and be compassionate with one another, and the joy of baking.

Indeed, with its nearly-full descriptions of recipes, the book succeeds in being a positive, encouraging influence for those who may not yet bake or cook, those who perhaps thought they didn’t like to, or those who already love the feel of flour on their hands.

Recommended for the Little Cook or potential Little Cooks of any gender.

Author: Laurel Remington
ISBN: 9781911077749
Publisher: Chicken House
Age range: 9-12 years

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