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Sometimes it can be difficult to find your place in this big bad world. Ted knows all about it as he struggles to be noticed in this newly released book by author/illustrator, Leila Rudge (Duck for a Day and No Bears).

Ted is a smart dog with a very snazzy jumper but no matter how hard he tries, no one notices him in the pet shop. One day, he decides enough is enough and escapes the humdrum life of pet shop living for life outside where he is sure someone will notice him.

He joins the circus – no one bats an eyelid. He dolls himself up for the local pet beauty pagents – not a turn of a head! Just when he begins to think no one will ever look twice at him and his wooly jumper, a little girl spots him in the park.

Not only does she notice him, she plays with him and they have great fun together. She loves Ted for being Ted – and that’s everything Ted had wished for.

This book is my first introduction to English illustrator, Leila Rudge. Her work is playful yet heavily detailed making it a delightful experience for children aged 3+. Ted is a character that everyone can relate to at one time or another in their life.

Feeling left out or out of place is never nice nor will the feeling last forever. This book is the perfect reminder of just that. It teaches children to be true to themselves and everything else will fall into place. The surprise ending in this picture book leaves the door open to a funny sequel whilst also ensuring some happy faces when you turn the final page.

Ted toyRight now, when you buy a copy of the book, you get a free Ted plush toy* (right).


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