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The Boss Baby

For us here at Gobblefunked, the secret to a really great picture book is an illustrated story that can appeal to both a two year old and a thirty year old – the listener and the reader. No easy feat; but crack that nut and you’re onto a winner.

And appeal to the adult reader The Boss Baby certainly does. This little boy is used to getting his own way – drinks made to order 24/7, a private jet plane and more business meetings to attend than the owner of a global corporation – what Baby wants, Baby gets. But when Baby’s demands begin to go unnoticed he has to go to new lengths to achieve the attention he deserves from his minions/parents.

There’s no denying that The Boss Baby is witty and lovingly illustrated, but the main hook of this book for parents will be that Marla Frazee is telling the story of the lives of, well, nearly every mum and dad in the world – baby always comes first, and rightly so.

An enjoyable read – for parents more so than children – this is really a book for tired mums and dads who want a laugh while trying to get their little one’s to sleep. The Boss Baby would also make a great addition to a hamper for an expectant mum who may not yet know what she’s letting herself in for!

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