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The Girl of Ink & Stars


One of the first things we noticed about The Girl of Ink & Stars when it arrived on our desks back in April is the beautiful design. Detailed illustrations of maps and stars pepper each page, which makes for a nice touch. But does the actual story cut the mustard? Lisa Redmond finds out. 

The Girl of Ink & StarsThe Girl of Ink & Stars is an exciting fantasy story suitable for readers aged 11+. It’s a book full of adventure and thrills that will appeal to both boys and girls.

Isabella is a girl who dreams of using the ancient maps in her father’s workshop to explore the rest of her island. When children start to disappear from the small community she lives in she finally gets the chance. The daughter of a cartographer –mapmaker – Isabella understands how to navigate by the stars and how to find her way across dangerous territories. However, she and the rest of the search party will need to keep their wits about them, because in the forgotten places of the island of Joya lurk creatures of myth and legend.

This is an exquisitely written piece of fiction that blends myth and fantasy and gives the reader a wonderful and striking heroine in Isabella. It’s a brilliant tale of friendship, discovery and conquering fear.

“This is an exquisitely written piece of fiction that blends myth and fantasy …”

There is certainly peril and adventure in this book and there are hard choices to be made. I would therefore recommend it for readers aged 11 and upwards as it may prove a little frightening for younger readers. That being said, it is not a long or a difficult book and a confident reader will fly through it. Gobblefunked and Kids Book Crew highly recommended.

A ‘one to watch’ for the future, read debut author Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s Insight for Gobblefunked into writing The Girl of Ink & Stars.   

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Kids Book Crew verdict

5 stars

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Will appeal to readers who enjoy: Action and adventure. A strong central character.

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