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The Great Chocoplot


With Easter eggs lining supermarket shelves up and down the country, we thought it a perfect time to review Chris Callaghan‘s debut book for young readers as it’s chockablock (sorry – couldn’t resist) with chocolate and great for the Easter school holidays.

The Great ChocoplotCan you imagine a world where all the chocolate has vanished? The horror! I mean, what would be the point of a cuppa if you couldn’t have a bit of chocolate on the side? In this fun, chocolatey mystery story, we meet Jelly and her family who, similarly to Charlie and the Bucket family, live in a town with a huge chocolate factory and lots of chocolate shops. One day, while watching TV with her family, Jelly hears some awful news:

“…on the Summer Solstice – the twenty-first of June, this very Sunday – chocolate will simply cease to exist. A Chocopocalypse means what it means – a chocolate apocalypse. It’s the end of chocolate”

With that, the entire town of Chompton goes into a state of utter panic and the countdown to the Chocopocalypse begins. Jelly can’t quite believe the news – something sounds a bit fishy – so with the help of her Gran, she decides it’s time to investigate. Thankfully, poor Gran doesn’t seem to mind setting out on a spy-mission in her dressing gown and Jelly is one brave detective who is determined to find the truth.

Following a trail of clues, Jelly and Gran end up in a posh chocolate shop Chox with its snooty owner, Garibaldi Chocolati. Just as Jelly thought, everything is not quite as it seems and this detective-duo soon get to the bottom of this impending Chocopocalypse (now that would be a tricky one to pronounce after one too many lemonades).

While I don’t want to give anything away, I will say that you can rest assured – there will be chocolate in our Easter eggs this year!

Chris Callaghan and his daughter Trinity

Chris Callaghan and his daughter Trinity.

The Great Chocoplot is Chris Callaghan’s debut book and it is sure to be a success with its quirky story and fun characters.

Written for his daughter as a Christmas present, this story was entered into Chicken House’s Open Coop, an opportune day for unpublished writers, and it soon began its journey to publication. This alone is a great incentive to all aspiring writers!

To get you in the mood for all the chocolatey goodness around the corner, you can read the first chapter of The Great Chocoplot here. For more up-to-date news and musings from Chris, follow him on Twitter.

In honour of The Great Chocoplot, Chicken House are running an Open Coop event again on March 25th (from 12am to 12am GMT). If you’ve written a complete novel for children aged between 7 and 18, visit their website for a chance to become a published author.


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