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The Sun is Also a Star


We welcome a new reviewer to Gobblefunked today, tea-loving, history buff Ross Kelly. Here, Ross checks out Nicola Yoon’s second book, The Sun is Also a Star
The Sun is also a Star

Natasha is a girl who believes in science. In logic. Not a girl who believes in fate. She and her family are currently in the process of being deported out of the United States back to Jamaica for being undocumented immigrants.

Daniel is a boy who has always done what he’s been told, has always lived up to his parent’s expectations. Except sometimes, the things he wants are different from that of his parents.

So when these two meet on a crowded street in New York City, Natasha definitely does not think she’ll fall in love with Daniel. But Daniel thinks quite the opposite, being the optimist he is.

As the story unfolds, we learn about the 12 hours that these two spend together before Natasha has to be deported to Jamaica: about the challenges they face, about their own, personal lives. And we watch as fate pulls them together, and also telling us the story of each person that brought them one step closer together. Daniel and Natasha soon learn they’re meant to be together, but only when it’s too late. Because there’s nothing Natasha can do to stop her family from being deported … or is there?

For me, I was so excited to read this, as I absolutely adored Yoon’s Everything, Everything. This book certainly did not let me down and, in fact, proved to be even better than its predecessor. I loved how Yoon told the story of fate, as well as Daniel and Natasha. It showed me how coincidental love stories can be. Like what would’ve happened if that man didn’t almost run Natasha over? Daniel would have never saved her and they would have never met.

I loved how Yoon incorporated each person’s own story and background into the novel, too. The characters in this book were so rich with depth that it was almost impossible not to like them.

This will forever remain one of my favourite books, and I’d highly recommend it for fans of Eleanor & Park or Yoon’s aforementioned debut novel, Everything, Everything.

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Ross Kelly

Ross Kelly is 16 years old and an avid reader who enjoys YA, contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy. He also enjoys watching TV and counts Doctor Who and Downton Abbey as two of his favourite shows. An aspiring author, Ross likes to write a mix of genres, including YA and fantasy. In fact he’s currently working on his fourth book! And above all else, he loves tea.

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