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Wherever It Is Summer


We welcome a new, young reviewer to Gobblefunked today, Olivia Parkinson-Coomb. Olivia is 15 years old and this week she reviews Wherever It Is Summer, which was published earlier this year by Little Island. 

Wherever it is SummerWherever It Is Summer, written by Tamara Bach, tells a story of two teenage girls (Jana and Louise) and their inspiring friendship. 

The novel is told from Jana and Louise’s perspectives. They become friends when they embark on an adventure in a ‘borrowed’ car. They both have problems and stresses in their lives, but when together, they become care-free.

Both characters have a difficult home life, but the book doesn’t focus on this. It focuses on how the characters deal with their issues and how they lean on each other for support. The book follows their everyday lives as they carry out their mundane tasks and extravagant adventures. 

The best way I can describe their friendship is this: it’s like being underwater, you can hear everything, but it’s muffled and doesn’t affect you. It’s you, living in the moment, experiencing everything happening around you, but at the same time you couldn’t feel more extracted from the world surrounding you. They have so many difficulties in their lives when alone, but together they feel untouchable. They don’t feel the need to discuss their dilemmas; just knowing the other is there is enough. 

I read this book in one sitting; I just couldn’t put it down! I would recommend this book to anyone of any age. It is so uplifting and shows the importance of friendship and how, no matter what’s going on in your life, with a friend by your side, anything is possible.

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Olivia Parkinson-Coombs

Olivia Parkinson-Coombs is 15 years old third year student. When she's not studying for her Junior Cert, she loves to read, write, play piano and play sport. One day, she hope to become a published author.

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